How to spot a fake job advert (or interview).

Our HR team advise on how you can check if an ooba job advert (or interview invite) is real. (And at the bottom on the this blog, you’ll find help weblinks to other FREE media with tips and advice on this topic.)

At ooba, we only advertise our jobs on our careers website and our jobs portal and our careers social media pages:

 Any jobs adverts for ooba that you might see anywhere else probably aren’t posted by us and therefore are not authorized by us. If you’re in doubt give our reception a call and ask us. CLICK here for our reception’s contact info.”


“It can be difficult to tell the real from the fake, especially online. But we all have that sixth sense when it’s a scam – where something feels wrong or off about what we’re seeing. Don’t click on things or respond to them if you’re unsure about it.

So if you’re in doubt when you see a job advert or get a message asking you to attend an interview, pick up the phone and call the company you’re applying for to check with them if it’s real.

Ask them if you can speak to HR or the Recruitment team to ask if it’s a real job advert or interview invite.

Don’t call the number in the advert or message that you think is dodgy! Instead look up the company’s contact details on their website and call THAT number.


At ooba, we’ll ask you to attend a job interview at our offices only after you’ve submitted your application and CV to our careers website or ATS.

If and when you do, then you’ll receive an email from us acknowledging receipt of application.

We’ll email you a calendar invitation for a job interview, as well as you’ll receive an email or phone call from us in advance (in which you’ll get very clear communications about the interview, including where our offices are located – which is where you’ll be interviewed – and who’ll you’ll be meeting).

If you receive any request for a job interview that doesn’t follow this process, then it’s probably not from ooba. If this should ever happen or if you have doubts, then just pick up the phone and contact us to ask if we sent the interview invite to you. CLICK here for our reception’s contact info.”


Be tech savvy enough to spot a risk. Be aware of what sort of scams are happening. For example, your bank usually provides information about frequent scams and security tips to protect yourself against them (and these are a good guide for the sorts of scams you’re at risk from in the jobs market too).

As people, we tend be most vulnerable to scams when we feel we’re in a desperate situation, like when we really need employment. So if you are feeling like this always remember to have the conversation with yourself that you need to be twice as careful about not falling for a scam!”


“If you haven’t attended a job interview at ooba’s offices then you wouldn’t be getting a job offer from us.

Anyone asking you fees to apply for an interview or job at ooba isn’t working with us (and what they’re doing is illegal).

If you’re ever unsure about ooba job communications or receive any communication about jobs at ooba that look fake, then email or phone or DM us directly. CLICK here for our reception’s contact info.