continuous professional development

At ooba, you have access to professional jobs and career-paths, as well as the ongoing opportunity to pursue continuous professional development in your current role (or any new roles you apply for in the organisation).

One of the many ways we empower our people to succeed in their work and career, whilst at ooba, is by investing in their knowledge and expertise. This aligns with our value of knowledge.

We do this by providing continuous professional development (CPD) opportunities, as well as the relevant product or skills training for your role.

  • CPD: We provided our people with opportunities for accredited professional further study, usually in the form of a learnership, which is paid for by ooba. (A learnership is a work-based learning programme that leads to an NQF registered qualification.)
  • eLearning: When it comes to training and skills development, we use blended learning – with eLearning as an integral component.

Everyone at ooba has access to a variety of learning courses on our oobaGrow eLearning platform, which provides our people with flexible learning at their fingertips, 24/7. It’s available via your cell phone too, so you can make our CPD and skills development programmes work for you.

Our eLearning platform is easy to use and it’s supported by the expertise of our in-house ooba learning team.

The eLearning courses range from soft skills, like time management, to compliance related learning on our insurance products. Also, we have an accredited home loan origination programme that carries 36 banking NQF credits. Each learner gets a certificate-of-completion once they complete an online assessment.

Further, our eLearning platform supports new hire on-boarding with an in-depth induction programme. This includes systems training on the technical platforms that ooba uses, as well as other job function related topics, and the soft skills that fit across all disciplines here.

For very specialised professional development or skills development, such as software development or business analysis, we outsource the training to top specialist providers with proven subject-matter expertise. We make provision in our budget for our people to attend courses provided by these specialist outsourced training suppliers and education institutions.

If you’d like to apply for a career at ooba click here to see our job opportunities and apply.