employee wellness programme

We provide an Employee Health & Wellness Programme that’s available to all our people (and for your immediate dependents too). At ooba, you have access to it 24/7/365 in all 11 official South African languages. These services are provided by ICAS (www.icas.co.za).

This programme empowers our people to take control of their own wellbeing, assists them with any problems at home and work, as well as supporting higher levels of productivity.

It provides a national footprint of a readily available multi-disciplinary team that includes occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, counsellors, nurses, doctors, social workers and more.

The Employee Health & Wellness Programme services available to our people include:

  • On-the-Go App: For easy communication. You can request a call-back, call the toll-free line directly, or take part in an online chat with an industry professional (including physiotherapists, nurses and legal consultants).
  • Telephonic Counselling: A dedicated 24/7/365 telephonic counseling and support service (on a dedicated toll-free line), with direct, unlimited and confidential access to live professional telephonic support by a team of registered professionals (including psychologists, social workers and registered counsellors).
  • MSK Health Management: This is professional physiotherapy support for anyone suffering from musculoskeletal health concerns. It provides for improved productivity and workplace comfort, as well as for musculoskeletal physiotherapy advice. It can be provided over the phone or physical support can be accessed via live-chat.
  • Absence Support: Unplanned leave is an inconvenient reality we all face from time to time. Waking up ill, a sudden family emergency or any other unforeseen circumstances may cause you to require an unpredicted day of leave. With this support, requesting your day’s leave is as simple as dialing a number and, if you are feeling sick, you’ll even receive medical assistance over the telephone.
  • Health@Hand: This service provides understanding and support for lifestyle and life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, chronic illnesses, parenting support, cancer weight loss resources, HIV/AIDS counseling and support services. Also, global coverage is provided for employees outside South Africa.
  • Life Management Services: This is available to you and your immediate dependents as part of the unlimited telephonic services. It provides detailed, practical information, education, resources and referrals to help our people manage work-life responsibilities. These services include:

Legal Wellbeing

Unlimited telephonic legal advice pertaining to any legal aspects such as: contracts, property, taxation, pension, retirement, 3rd party claims, wills and testaments, amongst others. You have access to legal advisors, via ICAS’ multilingual call centre, and ICAS’ legal online resource library.

Family Care Support

This provides assistance and support to our people in order to help them to cope with the pressures of caring for your family members by providing information and guidance on a wide range of concerns. A team of professionals provide this service, including social workers, psychologists, as well as medical and legal practitioners with expertise and experience in childcare, eldercare, education and social benefits, disability, amongst other family care matters.

Financial Wellbeing

Financial mentors provide you with independent and objective advice on financial tools, credit reports, savings and investment, check garnishee orders and loans, tax returns, estate planning, and debt relief solutions.

  • Face-To-Face Counselling: We provide a personal face-to-face individual counselling service for all our people and your immediate dependents. Counselling sessions are made available subject to the nature of the presenting issue and the required treatment plan. Also, you’ll have access to a dedicated Case Manager.
  • Group & Individual Trauma: A trauma management service offering prompt and professional trauma debriefing and counselling services to our people (or their families) exposed to incidents of trauma. These might include a car hijacking or car accidents, suicide, loss of colleague, family member, accidents, and other traumatic events.
  • e | Care: This is a comprehensive online health engagement programme via an interactive portal and weekly Health Bytes (emails), in order to help our people in dealing with health concerns like weight loss, pregnancy and living with chronic diseases.

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