employee wellness programme

We provide an Employee Health & Wellness Programme that’s available to all our people at no cost (and for your immediate dependents too, with no usage limits). They are confidential, POPIA compliant and provided in multiple languages. These employee assistance and wellness programmes are provided by CWS (www.companywellness.co.za).

It empowers our people to take control of their own wellbeing and assists them with any problems at home or work, as well as supporting higher levels of productivity.

These services provide a national footprint of a readily available multi-disciplinary team, including only counsellors registered with the Health Professions Council Of South Africa (www.hpcsa.co.za).

The Employee Health & Wellness Programme services available to our people include:


MY EAP DOCTOR solution reduces the time you spend at the doctor while providing treatment for ailments or managing chronic illnesses, as well as helping decrease your medical costs and manage repeat prescriptions.

Our MY EAP DOCTOR provides you with a cost-effective solution, including:

  • Unlimited and free virtual consults
  • Access to prescriptions
  • Reputable sick notes
  • Medical referrals to experts
  • HIV management
  • Chronic illness management

Mental Health

• Available 24/7
• Trauma support
• Burn-out support
• Self-development

These services also include onsite counselling, which provide you with:

• Dedicated counsellors
• Full reporting
• De-briefing sessions

Debt Assistance

• Debt counselling
• Mediation options
• (Available 8AM–8PM)

Our debt and budgeting financial advice solutions are customised to work for you, including:

• Debt repayment
• Debt affordability
• Harassment by credit providers
• National Credit Act notices
• Interest rates
• Right to early settlement sequestration
• Risk management
• Debit orders
• Consumer rights
• General banking

Legal Assistance

• Unlimited letters
• [Labour related issues aren’t covered by this service]

• (Available 8AM – 5PM)

Fitness & Nutritional Support

These health solutions are tailored to everyone, no matter their budget, including:

• Access to fitness advice from fitness specialists
• Customised exercise programmes, including exercises suitable for home and gym
• Transformations
• Muscle rehabilitation
• Pre-recorded videos
• Calorie specific eating plans: calorie-controlled diets, including calorie counter goals
• Access to nutritional experts
• Specialised récipes
• Nutritional assistance, including nutritional video assessments
• Blood-type diets
• Budget friendly diets for chronic illness


• Property matters
• Contracts
• Divorce
• Fines
• Debt
• Maintenance payments
• Motor vehicle accidents
• Consumer rights
• [Labour related issues aren’t covered by this service]


Our Employee Health & Wellness Programme services available to our people
across multiple channels and platforms, including:

• USSD: Information is transmitted via GSM network on a basic mobile phone (non- smartphone). Available on all phones with SMS functionality

• TOLL-FREE NUMBER: Toll-Free numbers does not cost an employee anything

• WEB APP: Our web app is small in size and low on data usage

• MOBILE APP: Our mobile app -for iPhone, Huawei and Android- is the most advanced EAP app in SA and it’s features include an Instant Chat, Mood Tracker, Documents, and BMI Calculator

App Functionality 

Our Employee Health & Wellness Programme app empowers you through access to:

• Adding your dependents, to be able to speak to an expert (including
virtual, telephonic, and face-to-face chats)
• Mood Tracker event calendar
• Live virtual events assessments
• Goal setting
• Blogs

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