What is a telephonic interview?
How can you prepare for them and make a great first impression?

Our HR team share some top tips with you to be at your best for a telephonic interview. (And at the bottom on the this blog, you’ll find help weblinks to other FREE media with tips and advice on this topic.)

Always be punctual. But if you are running late, then contact the Recruiter or company’s reception to let them know.

Make sure you’re prepared: Do research about the job you’re applying for and the company too. You’re not researching this for a test; rather it’s so you have some context about the job you’re applying for and the company you’re applying to.


“In a telephone interview, you can’t use your face and body to communicate or create a good impression. You have to do it all through your voice (and by listening).

As much as possible when you receive the call, ensure you’re somewhere quiet. (For example, if your neighbour is doing building work next door and it’s creating a lot of background noise, then find somewhere else to do your telephone interview – like a friend’s house or in your car).

If you’re aware of anything that might disrupt the call or prevent the call from connecting (like load-shedding), then be upfront and let the Recruiter know in advance or as soon as you start the call.”


“Remember, it’s not just an interview of you. You can ‘interview’ the company too and ask questions about the job you’re applying for.

Treat it as not just an interview, but more a of a mutual conversation.”

“A good tip is to have your CV with you when you take the call, so that you can refer to it during the interview (in case you’re asked questions about your CV or your work experience during the telephone interview).

Try to keep your answers short and to the point. In a telephonic interview, being long winded or not answering the questions directly comes across twice as bad.

If you don’t quite hear the question, don’t panic or try to guess what you were asked. Feel confident and comfortable to ask the Interviewer to repeat their question again. They’ll understand.”


At ooba, we tend to keep our interviews informal.

(So you mustn’t read into whether the hiring manager is taking notes or not, when you attend an interview with us. Generally, different hiring managers have different processes when they recruit and interview candidates.)

The reason we keep it informal is because we want you to feel you can relax, be open and tell us about yourself. In other words, when you apply to ooba we want to empower you to show your best self!