Mandela Day 2022: Building New Homes!

ooba and Habitat for Humanity SA partnered for Mandela Day 2022 to build a new home in Khayelitsha.

For the month of July 2022, in celebration of Mandela Day, people from ooba donated their time to Habitat for Humanity SA -in Khayelitsha- to help build a new home for Emely.

Emely is an unemployed single women supporting 8 children and 3 grandchildren, where they all live in a shack in Khayelitsha (on which the land it occupies belongs to her). She has always dreamed of owning her own home. With the help of Habitat for Humanity SA and ooba, we made this dream a reality by building her a house on the land where her shack once stood!

Building home ownership dreams!

Over the course of a week, including Mandela Day, people from ooba could donate their work hours in order to go on-site in Khayelitsha to help build Emely’s house.

Lots of our people took the opportunity to do so and make a real difference to Emely, her family, and the local community.

You can see some pics of our people working hard in their hard hats and enjoying making a difference:

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