Provincial Sales Manager

Hi Justin, so tell us what your work involves?

ooba helps our customers to purchase a home.

When someone wants to purchase a home usually they need to secure a home loan bond from a bank. When they do, we assist them in securing the bond for the home loan and we ensure that they get the best deal in the transaction.

I manage the home loans sales team Gauteng North & West Province. This entails maintaining the existing sales portfolio that we have here, as well as growing the opportunities within the Province.

In my work, the people come first. Our people are the driving force behind the organisation and everything that we do.

What’s ooba’s approach to sales?

We’re not aggressive in our sales approach, instead we act as brokers to facilitate the best possible transaction for a person purchasing a property. We work hard to get the the best possible deal from our banking partners and we fight on behalf of our home buyer to secure them the best possible bond.

We work with all the major banks in South Africa, so it’s about ensuring that we allow the home buyer to have freedom of choice. Ultimately, this freedom of choice means we can get the best possible deal for our clients.

What do you look for a good Home Loans Sales Consultant?

Somebody who has a hunger to grow and can step-up to achieve what no other person can. A great sales person’s success comes down to how they deal with different people and personalities. You need to be able to gauge and understand how to deal with other people in order to get the best result.

How would you describe your management style?

So people come first. In business there are certain numbers one needs to look at and achieve, but my leadership style is always to consider the person first.

What advice would you give to someone applying for a sales career at ooba?

Working for ooba is a unique place to work. This is because we create dreams for people! What we do is we help put people into homes.

In most sales environments, it’s difficult to consider yourself a dream maker. You are one when you work here!

Thanks for sharing, Justin!

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