Provincial Sales Manager

Hi Linda, so tell us what your work involves?

ooba is a mortgage quotation comparison business. We empower people to own their own home by providing home buyers with choice when financing the purchase of a property. We source a variety of different home finance solutions from the various lenders, like the banks, for the home buyer.

I’m the Provincial Sales Manager for E. Cape & KZN Regions. As Provincial Sales Managers, we are tasked to look after the entire sales team in our regions. As a sales team, we interact with home buyers. We source comparable financial outcomes for our home buyers, so that they can compare the different home loan options available to them and then choose the best one.

What’s ooba’s approach to sales?

Our approach to sales is really about connecting with people and forming a trust-relationship with them, which is important to do in a financial services business.

It’s not about doing a ‘quick and hard’ sale. It’s about taking a journey with our clients and walking a path with them right through the home buying process. Our clients become quite familiar and close to our sales people during the time that we’re assisting them with a home loan application.

As a result, we have a lot of repeat and referral work from our clients, which is a powerful part of our business.

What do you look for in a good Home Loans Sales Consultant?

It’s largely about attitude and energy, more than it’s about knowledge and skill. This is because the knowledge and skill will come with the development and training we provide our sales people, but you need to bring the inner-drive and inner-resilience.

You need to believe in and feel confident about the value of what you’re offering the client.

If you want to succeed in this job, you have to have a love for people and be able to build relationships, as well as invest your time in helping people in their dream of owning a home.

People with these qualities are the ones who really succeed in our environment.

How would you describe your management style?

I really believe that it’s today that counts, not tomorrow and forget about yesterday. In sales, we have daily targets to meet, so every moment counts.

What advice would you give to someone applying for a sales career at ooba?

At ooba, you really feel a sense of belonging. It’s a comfortable yet exciting environment.

We provide our people with a really safe place where you can be successful, challenged, and develop yourself professionally.

There’s an openness here and you have direct access to the management team.

You’ll make friends and build long-lasting relationships here, as well as be able to develop and grow professionally.

Thanks for sharing, Linda!

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