Senior HR Business Partner

Hi Thato, so tell us what your work involves?

My job involves partnering with different business units in the organisation, in order to understand their needs from a people perspective and then to make sure that it happens. Our work as HR practitioners is critical for ensuring that ooba’s people are taken care of to ensure they feel at home while working here.

What’s your approach to your work and career?

I don’t see my work and my life as separate. The person I am at home is the same person I am at work, which makes life easier. I started my professional career back in 2008. I’ve worked at several companies before joining ooba, including in the health and wellness sector. I joined ooba as a HR Officer and about 7-months later I became a HR Business Partner here.

How would you describe ooba’s workplace culture?

At ooba, we want you to be authentic to yourself. We want you to be who you are when you come work at ooba and not feel like you need to become someone else. It’s a culture of authentic and genuine people.

What’s the best thing about working at ooba?

For me the best thing about working at ooba, first, is that I get to be part of a team and an organisation that enables people to own their own homes. Second, is that ooba has a workplace culture that gives you the space to be creative in the work that you do and explore new ways of doing your work, while providing a place in which you can ‘fail’ safely. I’m allowed the space to do what I signed up for when I joined ooba. These things are really important for me.

Thanks for sharing, Thato!

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