Regional Sales Manager

Hi Vivienne, so tell us what your work involves?

ooba is a mortgage origination company. So, in layman’s terms, we have direct contracts with all the banks and we apply for home loans on behalf of our clients.

We make it a seamless process for the client, so instead of them having to go to all the banks to complete application forms at each bank separately we submit one application for all the banks and then we offer the client the best deal.

As a Regional Sales Manager, I handle a team of consultants who prep home loan applications to get the deals in. I assist the consultants in streamlining the deals and if the consultants are under pressure I help them to get the deals through and then I help them motivate for the deals (and escalate them where necessary). Also, I assist in arbitration for a client’s deal, when necessary.

How would you describe the work of a Home Loans Sales Consultant?

At ooba, the home loans sales team has relationships with estate agents and we market our services to them, who then refer us to their clients.

Our sales consultants help take the client through the home-buyer’s journey.

This includes making contact with the client, pre-approving the client, then they submit that full application to the banks and present the client with the best offer on the table from the banks.

What do you look for in a good Home Loans Sales Consultant?

The first thing that I look for is the right attitude, because you can teach skill.

I look for someone who’s a people’s person, driven, passionate about what they do, and resilient.

If you’re not passionate about what you do then -in this job- I don’t think you’ll go far, because in sales you’re going to get ‘No’ eight times before you get a ‘Yes’.

Sales isn’t as easy as going out there and saying ‘This is who I am’, because there are other home loans providers in the market.

Also, you need to be able to change with the times, so you can’t be set in your ways.

These are the qualities that I look for in a sales consultant.

What’s the approach to sales at ooba?

We’re very partner driven and service-orientated. We believe that if you offer the right service to clients then you’re going to receive their business.

What’s the workplace culture like at ooba?

I’ve never worked at such a dynamic company before joining ooba. There’s great transparency here. Also, the people at ooba are very approachable.

What I really enjoy about ooba is should you come up with an idea – any idea – people are prepared to listen. And if everyone is happy with your idea then you can run with it.

Thanks for sharing, Vivienne!

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