What to expect on your first day in a new job and how to make the best start!

Our HR team share what happens when you start a new job at ooba. (And at the bottom on the this blog, you’ll find help weblinks to other FREE media with tips and advice on this topic.)

“At ooba, on your first day we assign you a buddy. This will be someone who’s already working at ooba and is in the same department as you. This person will be like your ‘tour guide’ and ‘go to’ person for your first day. They’re there to help you and make you feel welcome.

For any new job you’re about to start, it can help for you to contact your new employer to ask them in advance for what to expect on your first day (and week) at the company.”


“On your first day in a new job at a new company, it’s important to be punctual.

Usually, you’ll receive an email from the company in advance of your first day with directions and info’ about what to expect when you arrive.

Remember, to bring your ID book and other relevant documents.

Often, you’ll spend your first day with your manager and/or a buddy.

At ooba, on your first day, we’ll have the day planned out for you – including giving you your full employment-contract to read and having your desk ready and showing you around our office.

We want you to feel welcome and at home when you start work with us!


“Once you’ve done your first day and you’re into your first week, if you haven’t yet met with your direct line manager then I’d suggest asking them to meet with you so they can share their expectations of the job you’re doing and the performance levels you need to meet in it.

Also, ask them about any available tools or resources to help you in your work and success in it.

Remember, you can share your expectations and needs with your manager too, so that they can help you in the ways you need.”