Job Spec

bi developer

The role and competencies of a BI Developer at ooba include:

Purpose Of The Role:

The purpose of a BI Developer role includes:

  • Form part of the organisation’s Business Information (BI) development team.
  • Efficiently support the organisation’s information delivery requirements. 

The role will be focussed mainly on building reports and reporting using:

  • Oracle Discoverer.
  • BI Publisher (formerly: XML Publisher).

Purpose Of Team That The BI Developers Are Part Of:

And to enable the achievement of business strategy through:

  • Innovative and well managed knowledge/information.
  • ICT services.
  • business processes.

Required Previous Experience & Qualifications:

  • Essential: 2 – 3 years relevant experience in a similar role.
  • Essential: Proficient SQL skills.
  • Beneficial: Experience in Oracle Discoverer Administrator & Oracle Discoverer Plus.
  • Beneficial: Experience in Oracle BI/XML Publisher.
  • Beneficial: Experience in Oracle Portal.
  • Beneficial: Experience in PL/SQL.

Required Competencies, Qualifications & Skills:

  • Performance optimization.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Analytical and design competence.
  • Continuous improvement practices and methodologies.
  • Ability to multi-task and flexible in your approach to work, as well as a general proactive nature to work and teamwork.
  • Good attention to detail and consistently accurate in your work.
  • Energetic and motivated in your work and career.

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