We believe that your work and career should be an expression of you, which is why we want you to bring your whole self to work! When you do, we empower you in your work and career.

We walk the talk by providing a comprehensive employee value proposition to all our people, which starts with our values:

Our Values

It’s important to start with principles to live by, which is why everything we do is informed by our values: partner, knowledge, challenge, fun.

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Our Culture

Our workplace culture really matters to us and is built around our values.

We’re committed to contributing to personal growth and empowering the people who work here. We do this by ‘opening doors’ to meaningful work and giving our people the tools they need to succeed in their work, while helping them to grow in their career at ooba.

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Performance Management

At ooba, we’re moving away from the traditional ’top-down’ approach of performance management. Instead, we’re developing a process and interaction that is empowering for all our people.

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CPD & eLearning

One our values is knowledge, so we like to invest in the knowledge and expertise of our people. We do this by providing continuous professional development (CPD) opportunities, including the relevant product or skills training needed for your role. We have an in-house training team augmented by an eLearning platform, as well as working with the best specialist skills providers and education institutions.

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Flexi-Work & Remote Work:

Even before the global pandemic and national lockdown, we already empowered our people in flexi-work best practice (where the nature of the work and role allows). We believe in treating our people as responsible, self-directed individuals and trusting them to know how they can do their best work.

Since the disruption caused by the global pandemic and lockdown, we have taken our responsibility to the health and safety of people very seriously whether by empowering them to continue working from home or at the office – ensuring the appropriate infrastructure and resources for hygiene and social distancing are in place for those who are unable to work from home.

Employee Wellness Programme (ICAS)

Our Employee Health & Wellness Programme is available to all our people (and their immediate dependents). It provides access to services 24/7/365, in all of the 11 official South African languages. This service is provided by ICAS (www.icas.co.za).

The service includes a national footprint of a readily available multi-disciplinary team of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, counsellors, nurses, doctors, social workers and more.

It empowers our people to take control of their own wellbeing, assist them with any problems at home and work, as well as supporting them with wellness and higher levels of productivity.

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Becoming A Parent

We celebrate our people becoming parents with a birth gift and return-to-work gift, in addition to other benefits that assist our people during this time including: statutory maternity leave, remote work and flexi-time, and an employee wellness programme.

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Group Life Cover (Discovery)

All our people are provided with a Group Life Cover plan, with Discovery and paid for by ooba.

In the event something happens to you (severe illness, disability or even death for example) then Discovery will make a payout.

(NOTE: You need to have been employed for more than 3-months to receive this benefit and it lasts for the duration of your employment.)

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ooba supports several social investment initiatives, including providing work programme experience for unemployed black women and people with disability in order to empower them in developing the skills and experience to find long-term employment in the formal economy.

We empower everyone at ooba to dream, work, grow and live together!

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