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Hi Cheryl, so tell us what a Sales Consultant’s work involves?

ooba source finance for people looking to purchase a property. My work is in property finance, so I help clients secure property finance for the purchase of their homes. The clients are referred to me via an estate agent or other referrals. After so many years in the business, I have a very good referral base. In my work day to day, I see estate agents, I go to meetings and I see clients. When I see clients, I’ll interview them, collect their paperwork, and then we ensure it’s all in order before providing it to the banks, in order to apply for the best home loan for the client.

What makes a good Sales Consultant?

You have to have passion and be dedicated to the job. That means being prepared to put in the hours. I like to deliver service excellence, so I’m very dedicated to what I do on a daily basis. It helps if you’re an extrovert and if you’re adaptable, as well as being patient. You need to work with all sorts of people at all stages of the process so you need to show empathy and treat them all equally.

What’s your career journey story?

So 19 years ago, after working many years in the legal industry, I was approached by somebody doing HR and he said to me that he thought I’d be good for a home loans consultant job at one of the leading banks in South Africa. I went for an interview and I got that job. I was there for a year, but I felt that I wasn’t able to give people the kind of service that I wanted because I could only provide them with the one bank’s product offering. After a year there, I saw an opening at ooba, applied and came for interview, then I got the job here. And because I love it, I’m still here 18 years later!

What advice would you give to someone applying for a career at ooba?

I think ooba is a great place to be. ooba is a very supportive and felxible environment. It’s very family orientated too. So you should approach ooba and apply for work here, but be open to learning. If you’re open to learning and getting better at your job, then you can make it here.
Also, as a sales person, at ooba you’re not limited to one financial institution’s product offering, rather you can find the best one to suit your client, which is great for you as a sales person and for your clients too.

Thanks for sharing, Cheryl!

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