Sales Consultant: Insurance

Hi Chevonne, so tell us what your work involves?

Speaking to people, in order to inform and educate them about our insurance products then -at the end of it- hopefully walking away feeling rewarded for it. The good thing about my job is that I can work towards a plan and no two days are the same. Every day comes with something new, like a new opportunity or a new challenge!

What makes a good Sales Consultant?

You need to be tenacious. In order to be successful in this work, you need to understand what you’re doing so you need to have some knowledge and insight about insurance products and the customers you’re selling to. You need to be driven and motivated every single day! If you can’t handle people saying ‘no’ to you many times a day, then you shouldn’t be doing this type of work. I manage the rejection by making another call and another call and another call, waiting for the person who says ‘yes’ – that’s how you handle it.

How did you first get started in your career and get into your current job?

I started out in retail and that is a job I’d never go back to. I’ve been in a Sales Consultant role for thirteen years now, though not always at the same company. Once you’re in this work and this market you’ll tend to stay. If you survive the first five years in this job then you’ll be good to continue doing it. I first heard about ooba through a friend who worked here. When I first applied and attended a job interview here, I was unsuccessful. Later, I applied again, I was successful that time and I’ve been here for six years now.

How is this role different to work in retail?

There are some similarities, for example they both have monthly targets you need to meet. But they are different too. At ooba, as an Insurance Sales Consultant, you manage your own desk. You’re responsible for your targets, for your admin’ and any customer complaints. It’s not just picking up the phone and calling someone to try sell a policy. Also, at ooba, because of the brand and the warm leads it’s a better sales experience for me here too.

What’s the best thing about working at ooba?

It’s an open workplace, so I have the opportunity to be around other departments as well as all the different people who are in them. The people here are an interesting bunch and our differences are what drive us. Somehow it all just gels. I think it’s important that a company looks after its people and ooba definitely does that.

Thanks for sharing, Chevonne!

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