Sales Consultant: Insurance

Hi Clint, so tell us what your work involves?

It’s about selling, selling and selling. But it’s also about being passionate about what you’re doing. And it’s about making money! You’ve got to be able to work under pressure, reach targets, and to be on the phone constantly. Sometimes it can feel a bit monotonous…but you can make a lot of money, so it’s all good.

What makes a good Sales Consultant?

Sales has a lot do with passion and wanting to make a sale. You need to love your job and love making sales! If you can wake up every morning feeling passionate about selling, then you’ll be fine. If this sounds like you, then you’ll be in the right place at ooba. If you can’t handle rejection or you don’t like overcoming the first ‘no’ you hear in a call, then maybe this isn’t the right job for you. You have to be up for the challenge!

How did you first get started in your career and get into your current job?

I started out in my sales career twenty years ago. Back then, we were using a phone book to find prospective clients to sell gym membership (here in CBD, Cape Town). After that, I worked for a competitor for about eight years and now I’m here, at ooba. I first heard about ooba when a friend of mine bought a house and then some of my colleagues from my previous company got jobs at ooba and they liked it here. So I applied to ooba and I was hired. I think what has kept me going in sales -from twenty years ago- until now is that I love insurance and I love selling. I don’t think I can do anything else!

How is insurance sales at ooba different to other sales jobs you’ve done?

In my career, I come from an insurance sales background. When I started at ooba, what I found to be different here was that I have my own space and I’m responsible for my own space. This includes taking care of my clients, selling insurance, handling all my own cancellations – so I have to do everything myself. I find it to be more rewarding work doing it that way! That’s the main difference.

What’s the best thing about working at ooba?

The money. You can make a lot of money at ooba! That’s why I’m here. Also, ooba really cares about its people. They really take care of the people who work for them.

Thanks for sharing, Clint!

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