Managing Executive (ooba insurance)

Hi Craig, what does your work involve?

As the Managing Executive of ooba insurance, I’m responsible for four insurance companies. This means that I deal with our business partners, as well as overseeing the insurance sales and administration functions – including our Insurance Call-Centre, at our Cape Town head office.

What are some of the job and career opportunities at ooba’s insurance call-centre?

There are lots of great career opportunities at our insurance call-centre, in Cape Town, including as: a Short Term Insurance Sales Consultant, an Insurance Sales Consultant, or a Claims & Underwriting Consultant (as well as other administration and office support jobs).

Can you describe the work of an Insurance Sales Consultant at ooba?

We’re fortunate that we get a captured lead base from our Home Loan business, meaning our insurance sales people don’t need to source their own leads. Each sales consultant gets between 10 to 20 new leads per day. They call these warm leads, who are already familiar with ooba’s brand from dealing with our Home Loans people previously.

This makes an ooba insurance sales consultant’s job a lot easier: it helps them close more deals and makes it possible for them to earn a lot more commission!

What do you look for in a good Insurance Sales Consultant?

Someone who’s got lots of energy, is vibey, comes across really well and knows how to articulate themselves over the phone.

Ideally, also someone with a good track record in sales. If they have previous experience in financial services sales work, that’s first prize.

However, they don’t need to have previous financial services sales experience. If you can show us that you are a really good sales person (in whatever company you previously did sales) then we’re very happy to consider people from outside our industry. We’ll then invest in your product training and assisting you to acquire the necessary professional qualifications (i.e. becoming FAIS compliant)

Previously, people who have come from outside of the financial services industry and who’ve succeeded as insurance sales consultants at ooba tend to come from the following type of sales jobs and industries: telco and BPO companies, where sales is a part of their work.

Why should top sales people consider a future career at ooba?

Because we’ve got a great culture in our insurance call-centre and our people work really well together. We don’t have high staff turnover (and of the few sales people who have left us in the past, nearly all have come back to work here again), which is a testament to the great culture we have here.

Our sales people have a lot of freedom in the call-centre. We don’t work off diallers so our people really enjoy the space and the environment that we provide them in the call-centre.

We provide our sales people with good quality affinity leads to call (so you’re mostly not doing any cold-calling here).

Also, we remunerate our sales people really well!

We have a good basic monthly salary and, if you perform well, we pay you really well in additional commission.

Our commission is uncapped, so if you’re a top sales person and you want to earn good money through sales then ooba is the right place for you to come and do that. If you work hard, you’ll earn really good money!

Does ooba help its Insurance Sales people obtain the required Professional Qualifications?

We do help people who are successful in applying to be a Sales Consultant at our Insurance Call-Centre, in Cape Town.

This is for people who join our Insurance Sales team but who haven’t yet obtained the necessary professional qualifications to work in the financial services industry. This might be someone who’s never worked in this industry before or someone who has but hasn’t yet completed their qualifications (and that we still have enough time to help them qualify before their DOFA expires).

RE is an exam you have to write, which is a once-off cost that ooba will cover for you. For the NQF L4 accreditation that you also need, we have our own accredited provider who’ll assist you through the required modules over the course of 12-months (and which we also pay for).

You’ll be able to work during this time, but you need to complete and pass these qualifications if you want to keep working. If you fail them or don’t complete them before the DOFA expiry, then you’ll be unable to work in financial services thereafter and your name will be on a register informing financial services companies that you can’t work in this industry.

Obviously, if someone keeps failing the exams and modules then we’re not going to keep paying for them to repeat them. However, if you apply yourself and put the work into passing these qualifications, there’s no reason that you should fail any of them.

For more information about DOFA, RE, FAIS Credits, you can visit the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) website’s FAQ page here:

Thanks for sharing, Craig!

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