Sales Consultant:
Home Loans

Hi Jo-Anne, so tell us what a Sales Consultant’s work involves?

In my role, I join people on the journey to owning their dream home! We help clients on that journey and provide them with guidance in securing a home loan. In my day to day work, I assist clients, answer calls all day, and I make sure my listed real estate agents receive their feedback every day. Assisting the clients includes doing affordability assessments for them, checking their credit score, making sure everything is in order with their application and paperwork, as well as providing them with guidance on obtaining finance for their property.

What makes a good Sales Consultant?

It’s all about passion and being there to help people. You need to be someone who is an expert, professional and knowledgeable, such as someone who: understands the banks’ criteria and understands what is required to turn an application into a successful mortgage finance deal. This knowledge can help you guide the process, as well as all the people involved, with confidence and to a successful completion.

Tell us how you started your career at ooba?

I started by working for a bank, for about a year. Then, by luck, I bumped into someone I knew who said that ooba was looking for people to join its sales team. At the time, I didn’t know anything about mortgage origination and home loans, but I applied anyway. I went for two job interviews at ooba and I got a job here. I started as a Sales Administrator about 12 years ago, but always felt I had ‘sales’ in me and I approached one of the sales managers to ask to become a Sales Assistant. The role of Sales Assistant allowed me to start dealing with clients, banks, and estate agents, which helped me become ready to move into the Sales Consultant role where I am today.

What advice would you give to someone applying for a career at ooba?

If you haven’t done this job before, then the best way to start is to become a Sales Assistant because you’ll get a lot of useful experience and knowledge that will help you transition into becoming a successful Sales Consultant (in home loans). Also, ooba is a great place to work, with great people and technology that support you in your job. So apply and join us!

Thanks for sharing, Jo-Anne!

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