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Hi Liezel, so tell us what a Home Loans Sales Assistant’s work involves?

We apply for the home loans at the bank on behalf of our clients and we negotiate for the best deal for the client. We get the offer to purchase from the estate agents, we then contact the clients and interview them, after which we apply to the various banks for a home loan bond on behalf of the client. In my role, I submit all the applications to the various banks in order to source the best offer for the client and I assist with any appeals. Also, my role requires me to liaise with attorneys, estate agents, and clients.

What makes a good Home Loans Sales Assistant?

It’s really important to have the right attitude, including really caring about the client and doing your best to help them secure their home loan application. It’s important the client knows that you care and that you’re doing the best for them. Also, it helps to be meticulous and detail orientated in your work. It’s not an 8-5 job, as you’ll need to work very hard and work long hours. We work around 12-hours per day. You need to know what you’re talking about and be an expert in your work.

What do you enjoy about working at ooba?

It’s a big family. It’s all about the people. Everybody knows each other and everybody cares about each other. It’s a very family-orientated company.

Why should someone choose a career at ooba?

Because ooba is the best! They’ve invested in a lot of platforms and technology that help us to submit applications to the banks and get the best deal for clients, so it makes your work easier at the end of the day. No one else has got what ooba’s got.

Thanks for sharing, Liezel!

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