Business Analyst:
Business Architecture & Business Analysis Team

Hi Nicole, so tell us what a Business Analyst does?

A lot of the job requires getting the correct requirements from business owners in terms of project, reporting, BI delivery, and specification writing. We work very closely with the Business Information Developers and most of the other Developers in the Software Development team. The skills that a Business Analyst needs include: being an analytical thinker; being adept with documents and processes; understand the big picture of what the business is trying to do; be able to develop a good understanding of what is required in every project; be able to adapt to constant change; as well as the ability to collaborate with other people in the business and good facilitation skills too.

How did you first get started in your career?

I’ve been working at ooba for about 17 years. I started out here as a temp’ doing data capturing and master-file reporting. Over the years, I‘ve moved into different positions. I was in Sales Administration for quite a long time. While working here, I started studying a BCom degree at university and it was the topic on Information Systems that got me into moving over to the technical side of the business at ooba. First, I worked as a BI Developer for a few years, before moving into my current role as a junior Business Analyst.

What’s the best thing about working at ooba?

I think that the people here are what make coming to work such a pleasure. It’s definitely the people and the relationships you have with the people. The culture at ooba makes it a place where you feel safe to fail (as well as to succeed) and it’s not often that you can find a place where you feel safe to make mistakes, fix them and then just move on with your work. Also, you get the opportunity to use all your talents here and to put your talents to the best use for the business.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of a career as a Business Analyst?

You’ve got to have the right attitude. You’ve got to be able to interact with other people and be collaborative. It helps if you can see the big picture and then analyse it.

Thanks for sharing, Nicole!

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