Software Developer: Full Stack Developer

Hi Robson, so tell us what a Developer’s work involves at ooba?

I develop software in different languages, mainly in Java but also in SQL database. Basically, it’s the full stack – front and backend.

What makes a good Software Developer?

For me, being a software developer is using computer languages to solve business problems.

I’d encourage anyone who wants to become a software developer to be very humble and always willing to learn, because you have to be open minded and listen to other people’s ideas.

Also, you have to strive to keep getting better and you must work hard. You have to have energy and keep trying to solve problems, even when you don’t always feel like it.

What ooba’s approach to software development projects?

When I was working as a contractor at ooba, I was given specific tasks to do. Now that I’m part of ooba’s software development team, we’re given a project with a set of objectives and then we have the freedom to decide as a team of developers the best way to meet these.

What do you enjoy about being a Software Developer at ooba?

At ooba, it’s all about solving business problems and using software to help you do this. Working at ooba teaches you to become a problem solver and not just be a software developer. That’s what makes you a good software developer and someone who can add value to the business.

Why should top Software Developers apply for a career at ooba?

At ooba, you are given the tools and a platform to learn the full stack of technology and you get hands-on experience. You have the opportunity become a person of value to the business rather than just being a developer.

Thanks for sharing, Robson!

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