Claims & Underwriting Administrator:
Insurance Call Centre

Hi Sebastian, so tell us what a Claims & Underwriting Administrator does?

We work with all kinds of people, from all kinds of backgrounds and places. We help everyone, we help them find their dream home and provide cover for it. In my role, I deal with clients’ claims and policy services. My approach to my work is to give my best, stay focused and pay attention at all times. If you want to be good Claims & Underwriting Administrator, then you need to be someone who can listen well, be compassionate and understanding, look at both sides of a story, be fair and equal to everyone. I’m very hands-on and I believe in helping people. The best thing about my work is saving someone’s day! My motto is: ‘Not all super heroes wear capes.’ I see my job as one of helping people, so on the few occasions where I can’t help them out and it’s out of my hands then that’s the hardest part of my work.

How did you first get started in your career?

I started out in my career in the UK, when I did a few jobs over there. When I came back to South Africa, I worked in telecommunications, then I moved into the insurance sector about 12 years ago, including at Auto & General. I’ve been at ooba for the last 6 years, where I started in a sales role before moving to my current role in Claims & Underwriting.

What’s the best thing about working at ooba?

I get to have weekends off.  Also, the people. Our managers are unsung heroes. My team leader is awesome and keeps us motivated, as well as always shows us what needs to be done and helps us out when we need it. In a place where I want to work, I look for stability and somewhere where I can feel happy, which is what I have at ooba!

What advice would you give to someone applying to ooba for a career?

It takes a lot of hard work and self-motivation. You have to have the paperwork (qualifications and experience) behind your name. And this job is not just for anybody. You need to be strong and willing to go the extra mile. You can gain so much knowledge and experience at ooba, while everyone helps each other here and everyone has a say here. So apply and come join us.

Thanks for sharing, Sebastian!

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