Dominique, ooba’s Chief Strategy Officer, on digital trends and future careers in our sector.

Hi Dominique, are digital trends affecting careers in the home loans market? If so, how?

The home loans industry (AKA: bond origination) is not a very well known career or industry South Africa. However, it’s a key enabler for people to secure a dream of owning their own home and all the financial security associated with it.

There’ll always be a need for real home loans expertise, whether it’s in sales, administration, or technology professionals.

Also, there’s a big and growing need for even more technology experts in our business and sector.

The future of our business will depend on the type of data we can collect and type of technology enablement we’re able to build on top of that data.

So, it’s an incredibly exciting time to be in our industry from a technology perspective!

We’re already developing our technology capabilities in several areas, including: experimenting in machine learning based pre-qualification engines, advanced predictive analytics around customer segmentation, as well as other similar exciting types of projects.

So technology professionals with these sorts of advanced skills will always have a place in our business.

The sort of people with the advanced skills that we’re looking for are those who can help us build digital experiences that are web and mobile based, driven off API and open platform capabilities, as well as based upon big data.

What role does technology play in ooba’s strategy?

We’re developing our technology capabilities in order to better understand our customers, as well as to connect buyers with innovative financial services products and solutions.

The kind of people we’re looking to bring into our organisation from a technology perspective are those who can help us build this next generation customer engagement engine.

They’ll be able to help us to create these types of digital experiences for prospective home buyers and for home owners.

Ultimately, through technology, we want to connect all the people in the real estate market in a way that has never been done before.

We’re looking for technology professionals who are excited by being a part of this and can contribute to delivering it.

Thanks for sharing, Dominique!

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