Dominique, ooba’s Chief Strategy Officer, provides some tips to developers applying for a career at ooba.

Why is ooba a good career home for technology professionals?

ooba is a unique business and in a very unique position in the South African real estate ecosystem, because ooba sits at the nexus of all of the stakeholders and participants in our industry.

So we genuinely have the ability to create the next generation platform that connects together everyone and everything in our industry.

If you want to make a difference and you want to be a part of something that has a huge amount of potential, then ooba is the place for you to do that!

What do you look for in a Java Developer at ooba?

We’re looking for someone who wants to be a part of a team and who has an open mind.

Also, we’re looking for someone who is technically strong, by which I mean they’re not only going to just do what the ID tells them to do.

Instead we want people who are able to go a little deeper in order to create good quality solutions that inter-operate with the rest of the organisation’s technology platform.

What do you look for in a BI & SQL Developer?

We’re looking for people who are interested in why particular information can make a difference in the organisation.

So, this means people who are capable with statistics and who are technically proficient.

They need to be able to work with more than just data and a database; they need to be able to understand what’s in that data and the model, in order to work with it in such a way as to add value to the business.

What do you look for in a Business Analyst?

In ooba, a Business Analyst fulfills a lot of the role of a Business Architect.

In this role, the sort of people we’re looking for are ones who can partner with leaders in the business in order to help create the type of business that we have the potential to be.

They must be interested in understanding the mechanics of our organisation, while being able to view the business from an economic perspective.

What do you look for in an Application Architect?

This is a pivotal role in our business. The person in this role needs to be more than just technically very capable, as well as amazing at planning and design, they also have to lead a team of developers and systems engineers.

They need to be able to create vision of what our technology platform has the potential to be and how this connects with what the wider business is trying to achieve.

They need to be able to assimilate information about what’s going on in the industry, such as the evolution of technology trends, then contextualize it into our organisation’s needs and create roadmap that ensures our technology platform aligns with these trends.

Thanks for sharing, Dominique!

ooba: the right home for your career.

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