Dominique, ooba’s Chief Strategy Officer, on who we are and what we do.

Hi Dominique, can you tell us about ooba and what ooba does?

ooba is a predominantly a mortgage bond originator (AKA: home loans originator). Also, we provide our own value-adding home insurance products for our home owner customers.

We add value to our partners and customers. Our partners are the real estate companies and the banks. Our customers are home buyers.

In the home loans space, we work as partners to real estate companies, where we help them to manage the financial component of the real estate transaction. The value that we add to our real estate partners is that we are able to provide the financial support that their home-buying customers require.

We add value to our partners at the banks by providing a quality sales and distribution capability for them, in a cost effective way.

We add value to our customers, the home buyer, by taking all the hassle out of the home loan application process. We do this by having just one application process for the customer, then we manage the process of engaging with all the different banks and other stakeholders for them.

Ultimately, as well as improving the application process experience for our customers, they also have a significantly better chance of success in securing a home loan and 100% chance of securing a better home loan through us.

In this way, we bring together all participants in the real estate ecosystem and we do so in a way that adds real value for all of them.

How is ooba different?

ooba’s point of difference to our competitors and to other players in the real estate ecosystem is that we’re a pioneer and innovator in this industry.

We were the first: we created origniation in South Africa and we built the majority of the technology that is used in the origination industry.

We maintain our place as the pioneers who innovate in our market. We do this by continuing to identify ways we can keep adding more value, especially by way of creating a better experience for our customers and partners.

Our focus is all about creating a highly personalised and quality experience for customers and partners, which we do by removing as much of the stress and anxiety in the home buying experience.

Also, we’re different in the way we all operate together as an organisation and our workplace culture. These are different from other companies at which you might work.

Thanks for sharing, Dominique!

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