Thato, ooba’s HR Business Partner, on the application process when you apply for a job at ooba.

Hi Thato, so what does ooba do?

ooba empowers people to own their own homes! What that means is that we directly impact society in South Africa, because in South Africa home ownership is one’s pride.

What do you do at ooba?

I’m a senior HR Business Partner at ooba. Being that ooba empowers people to own their own homes, so as HR professionals it’s important that we empower the people who work here.

How is ooba different to other employers?

Our employer value proposition is very important to us as a company. We believe it’s very important to treat people like people, meaning that we embrace the whole person and all their talents (rather than try to box people into artificial categories). We’re building our culture, organisation and processes around this belief. We embrace our people so that they flourish in their work at ooba.

What’s the application process like when candidates apply for a sales jobs at ooba?

The application process is designed in a way that the candidate will walk the journey of applying and being assessed, but that we will walk that journey with them too!

We do everything we can to ensure that we match the right people to the right jobs at ooba.

Our recruitment strategy and candidate assessments are based on the principle that we hire people based on competence, skill and attitude. It’s important that the people who join us find that ooba’s values and mission resonate with them, because if they do then it’ll be easier for them to find their purpose here.

We try ensure that everyone we hire is a ‘culture fit’ as well as ‘competency fit’ for ooba. It’s important for us to ensure we make good decisions in our hiring process, but also we want to assist candidates in making an informed decision as to whether ooba is the right fit for them too.

What are the career opportunities at ooba?

Like all sectors and companies living in the digital era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we are seeing the need to constantly develop our technology capacity and all the skills this requires we bring into the organisation. We are embracing these trends and changes.

We’re evolving from a more traditional financial services model into a FinTech one.

This means that there are good career opportunities at ooba for software Developers (especially Java developers, as well as BI and SQL developers), Business Analysts, Application Architects, Systems Architects and Administrators, Helpdesk Technicians, Agile and Scrum professionals, and Project Managers.

This is a fast growing area within ooba so the opportunities for career growth and development are very real!

What’s ooba’s workplace culture like?

At ooba, we want you to be authentic to yourself! We want you to be who you are when you come work at ooba. It’s a culture of authentic and genuine people.

Thanks for sharing, Thato!

ooba: a dream home for your career.

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