What’s the best thing about working at ooba?

Some of our analysts and developers share what they enjoy about working here.

ooba is a company that invests in developing its people. It takes good care of its people and lots of them have been here almost 10 years, so that shows that the company really looks after its people.

Since I joined ooba, I’ve learned a lot. They have many educational programmes that they offer which have supported my growth as an individual and in my career.

In my work as a software developer, we’re given a project to work on according to certain guidelines and objectives. Then we have the freedom -as a development team- to do it in a way that we agree is best.

That’s why I like working at ooba.

Robson, Full Stack Developer

What makes ooba home for me is that I enjoy my job and I enjoy the people I work with. I enjoy the work environment here as it allows me to thrive in my job.

Also, ooba gives developers the opportunity to become custodians of different levels of the projects that we work on solving in our technology stack. For me, I really enjoy this because you get to work across the tech stack.

So if you want to write front-end code or back-end API-based development or some database development then you can do all these things at ooba.

The opportunities here are endless.

Lance, Team Lead (Java Development)

For me, it’s the people here at ooba. Everyone that I deal with are all experts in their field, which makes it very easy to work with them.

Paul, Business Analyst

It’s the challenge. We challenge our own thinking; we challenge the industry. We do this all the time. We value innovative people who challenge.

It’s an organisation that still is not too corporate. We’re still learning, we’re still nimble, and we’re still trying out new things. But we’re doing it on a solid foundation. It’s really exciting and that’s what I love about working at ooba.

Also, what really sets ooba apart is that we have people who are incredibly bright. Some of them are the best in their role and in the industry! Not all of them came to us that way. ooba has provided them with a platform to grow professionally and develop in their career.

ooba invests in its people to completely fulfill their career potential!

Andre, Business Analyst

We do things that really make a difference! The work that we do has a real impact on people and on the South African economy.

ooba is a unique business because of our position in the South African real estate ecosystem, as we sit at the nexus of the industry stakeholders and participants.

We’re already deeply embedded inside the industry so we can bridge -with technology (and data)- what the industry requires and we can drive this change forward. As a result, we’re in a uniquely different position for what’s possible to do at either a start-up or in a well-established and big financial organisation.

This gives us the ability to build a next-generation platform that connects all of these transactions and participants together.

So if you want to make a difference and if you want to be a part of something that has a huge amount of potential, then ooba is the place for you to do that!

Dom, Chief Strategy Officer

Thanks for sharing, everyone!  

ooba: a new home for your career

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