What’s the best thing about working at ooba?

Some of our sales people share what they enjoy about working here

The people! They’re very friendly and welcoming. Also, ooba provides a platform you to keep learning and growing all the time. There’s a lot of energy here and no time to get bored.
Jo-Anne, Sales Consultant (Home Loans)
At ooba, we know how to have fun. We have fun on a daily basis, even though sometimes sales can be stressful. We like to celebrate achievements, as well as enhance and grow our people.
Etrecia, Provincial Sales Manager (Home Loans)
At ooba there’s lot of flexibility and it provides a very supportive environment. I enjoy the work and the people. I wouldn’t have been here for 17 years if I didn’t really enjoy it here!
Cheryl, Sales Consultant (Home Loans)
What I really like about ooba is that if you come up with an idea –any idea- people are prepared to listen to you, whether it’s top management or your colleagues. If you have an idea then you can pitch it and, if everyone’s happy with it, then you can run with it. That’s what I really enjoy about ooba, the transparency.
Vivienne, Regional Sales Manager (Home Loans)
ooba is a great company to work for. The people here are really awesome. The management is very supportive, they listen to you and you’re not just a number here.
Liezel, Sales Administrator (Home Loans)
At ooba, we look for talented young people –who are young and passionate- and whom we can invest in over time, so that they can have a successful career with us. That’s something our industry really needs.
Careen, National Sales Development Manager (Home Loans)
At ooba, you really feel a sense of belonging. When you work here, you find yourself in a really safe place where you can be inspired, you can be challenged, and you’ll receive attention and investment in your career.
Linda, Provincial Sales Manager (Home Loans)
The culture at ooba. It’s the people that make the culture. The people here can be dynamic, challenging, hectic, but overall they make it a fun place to work!
Justin, Provincial Sales Manager (Home Loans)
Thanks for sharing, everyone!  
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